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European system of R&D and innovation – Horizon 2020

In the last decades a rich variety of innovation-fostering policies, measures and programmes has been introduced at the EU level in order to spur the innovation potential of European organizations in many fields, including Aeronautics. Today, in the EU aeronautical field the exchange of knowledge and technology, the cooperation between universities, industries, research organizations, Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), exc., as well as the free flowing of ideas are considered crucial for the implementation and sustainability of a single system of innovation supplementing the national systems and providing a link between localized spillovers and diffusion of technological knowledge. However, many universities, industries, research organizations and SMEs in New European Member States fail to realize their potential due to limited or no knowledge of the European programmes supporting R&D (namely, Horizon 2020) in Aeronautics.

Two reports have been developed by the BEAWARE project, introducing the European system of R&D and innovation, namely H2020, identifying the main opportunities for aeronautical organizations. Consequently, relevant and meaningful data and facts on the open aeronautic-relevant topics in H2020 are provided. From this perspective, the reports are addressed to Eastern-European organizations which are interested in participating in H2020 Aeronautics’ calls, providing them an adequate background information regarding H2020 as well as concrete suggestions on which are the topics more suitable for their Research & Development& Innovation needs. In fact, through a technological matrix (Del. 1.2), Eastern European Organisations will be able to see the calls available calls in 2015. At the same time, the matrix could be intended as a catalog of about 300 organizations from Eastern Europe with consolidated expertise and know-how in the field of aeronautics so to help Western European players in finding suitable partners for their proposals. In other to facilitate this process, the entities listed in the matrix have been differentiated according to macro and micro aeronautical categories.

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