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The BEAWARE Workshop “Be Aware – EAST meets WEST – Collaboration opportunities in the frame of European H2020”, Factory Tours and B2B meetings were held in Rome on the 30th and 31th March and 1 April. The host of the event for the all three days was APRE – “Agency of Promotion for European Research”

The first day, which was attended by 60 people, wasdivided into 3 sections “the Horizon 2020”, “the innovation chain session” and Brokerage event.

After a short welcome and introduction by Mrs. Miriam de Angelis and Mr. Kristo REINSALU, the coordinator of BEAWARE project, all the speakers were invited to introduce themselves and describe expectations ahead of event. All of them were looking forward to a fruitful event, with collaboration opportunities. Followed very interesting presentations on the first result of BEAWARE mapping, Clean Sky 2, ETNA Plus services: NCPs supporting EU13 participants in HORIZON2020, Horizon2020 –Sme instrument and the fast track to innovation in Aeronautics.

The second part of the morning was dedicated to the “Innovation chain Session”, where some excellent speakers like Marco Protti (Alenia Aermacchi), Marcello Onofri (CTNA) and Fabio Babiloni (BrainSigns) explain the approach of them company to Innovation, they entering into details.

During the afternoon was organized a B2B meetings, held also at APRE premises. There were around 30 B2B meetings organized and the participants had the opportunity to establish contacts for future technical collaborations and R&D projects in the frame of H2020.

The second day was focus on training on ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Standardization Issues in Transport Research’ will be open to a restricted number of BEAWARE participants, the speeches by Eugene Sweeney the Eu Ipr Helpdesk, Ashok Ganesh (Cen-cenel) and Antonio Carbone (APRE) were very detailed, in these subjects that are more important for the Horizon 2020 participants.

The last day was more dynamic and fascinating, because APRE organized factory tours, in the three of the big Italians players in the Aeronautics and Air Transport, to give networking opportunities for the participants. The host factory were:

Vitrociset S.p.A. The company offers command and control systems; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems; instrumented test systems, such as front-end systems, consoles, data acquisition systems, and operations management tools; modeling and simulation systems; and info-logistics and support equipment for defense.

Center for the Development of Materials (CSM) offers original solutions for the development of frames, engine components, protective coatings and shields by taking advantage of a consolidated multi-scale approach. Today, the CSM Aerospace and Defense Sector provides shareholders and customers with a wide amount of capabilities and expertise on materials, coatings, manufacturing processes and product simulation. CSM is a complete and “unique atelier” able to support aerospace and defense customers in turning new concepts into real functional prototypes within applications spanning from light structural solutions for frames to new conceived materials for engine components and innovative multi-functional coatings.

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defense systems, aerospace, data, infrastructures, land security and protection and sustainable ’smart’ solutions. From the design, development and production of state-of-the-art equipment, software and systems to through life support, Selex ES partners with its customers to deliver the information superiority required to act decisively, complete missions and maintain security and protection for operational effectiveness.