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1st ETNA Plus Academy – call for EU13 Coordinators and Participants in H2020


ETNA Plus ( team is happy to announce a new activity to support coordinators and participants from EU13 countries willing to submit project proposals related to any transport research and innovation field in Horizon 2020.

ETNA Plus Academy will be a series of two trainings on proposal building for small groups of individual researchers, organized within the timelines of the first two Horizon 2020 Smart, green and integrated transport calls for proposals. It will include proposals to be submitted within the ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’ 2014-2015 calls but also address those having an impact on transport research and innovation in any other calls open in the three Horizon 2020 pillars.

Trainings will focus on broad aspects of proposal preparation in Horizon 2020, aiming at providing EU13 coordinators and participants with a broad aspect of support in key areas related to building and submitting a successful project proposal in Horizon 2020.

First ETNA Plus Academy will take place on 14th of November 2014 in Bratislava (Slovakia). It will be organized in frames of Science and Techniology Week in Slovak Republic (

Attendance to the ETNA Plus Academy will be open to three different types of participants and subject to the following rules:

1. EU13 stakeholders willing to submit proposals in 2015 calls for proposals in Smart, Green and Integrated Transport challenge and other transport-related areas of Horizon 2020 will be subject to the selection procedure described in the attached PDF document. Submission of entries is open until 7th of October 2014.

2. EU 13 Coordinators of stage 2 proposals submitted under 2014 call – upon verification

3. For stakeholders wishing to benefit from the Academy training as potential participants to Horizon2020 transport-related proposals no selection will be required. You are only requested to submit your interest in Academy to contact persons below, until 7th of October 2014.

Priority of attendance will be given to potential and current project coordinators (pt. 1 and 2).

Once the (1) selection procedure is succesfully completed or (2) 2nd stage proposal verified, ETNA Plus can offer reimbursemsent of travel costs up to 500€ per one entity representative. For (3) regular participants, reimbursement can only be provided as long as financial resources are available

In case of any issues related to the rules for selection procedure or any other matters related to ETNA Academy please contact the following persons :

Mr. Mikołaj Pyczak (

Ms. Juliette Renaud (